About Us


Among the first priorities of Boomerang Capital Inc was the development of Vision and Mission statements and a set of values to guide us in our relations with clients and our day-to-day operations. The words below speak volumes about our goals, for ourselves and our valued clients, and the manner in which we conduct ourselves as we serve those who rely on us to help secure their futures. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a trusted cryptocurrency trading firm, composed of uniquely qualified, values-driven professionals working as a cohesive team to solve the financial challenges of our individual, family and business clients. 


To serve our valued clients as life-long advisors, protecting and growing their wealth through highly personalized, team-driven financial strategies. 

About the founder

Boomer Falks

Boomer Falks

Boomer Falks formed Boomerang Capital Inc in 2012. Boomer put his wealth on the line to attract high end clients from around the globe in order to lay the foundation of Boomerang. Boomer offered guaranteed profits with iron clad legal contracts. Since then Boomerang Capital has made incredible wealth for those high end clients and now it's your turn. We've taken offerings ordinarily reserved for high net worth individuals and opened them up to everyday traders.



 Does Any of This Sound Familiar

  • You are suffering loss after loss and can’t seem to get it right!
  • You always seem to get out of a trade just before it takes off!
  • You always seem to just get in to a trade and it goes the other way!
  • Even when you get into profit, you get out and it continues moving!
  • You always seem to get stopped out!
  • You always seem to take one step forward and then 2 steps back!
  • You’ve blown through several accounts.
  • You can’t seem to ever consistently make money.
  • You see the trade but just can’t seem to “pull the trigger”.

And the list just keeps going on and on! There are so many reasons for losing in trading but it seems like the answers to becoming profitable are just within reach! This is the “trader’s trap” that losing traders keep falling in to! Are you a victim?

Why Boomerang Capital?


CEO Boomer Falks attends all the summits and conferences and is continually exposed to up to date information before any of the other self proclaimed market leaders. 

We unravel the complexity of the cryptocurrency market and take away the burden for people who are seriously interested in crypto trading.  

Real people, real business, not teenagers in moms garage, hiding behind a cartoon character.

A team of 12 seasoned analysts, across 5 offices. All who have experienced several market cycles.

Quality over quantity 

No hype, no BS.

Highest level of professionalism in all aspects we offer.

uniquely designed to provide a unique concierge style approach to helping clients achieve their goal