Boomer Falks

Boomer Falks

Boomer Falks formed Boomerang Capital Inc in 2012. Boomer put his wealth on the line to attract high end clients from around the globe in order to lay the foundation of Boomerang. Boomer offered guaranteed profits with iron clad legal contracts. Since then Boomerang has made incredible wealth for those high end clients and now it's your turn.


Welcome to the money making world of cryptocurrency. Always wanted to be part of it? Now is your chance. In crypto there is no such concept as 'business hours' or 'working days.' Its a 24/7 global, 21st century market.

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Why Boomerang?

CEO Boomer Falks attends all the summits and conferences and is continually exposed to up to date information before any of the other self proclaimed market leaders. 

Cryptocurrency Investment & advisory solutions for select individuals.