Today's Challenges Tomorrow's Solutions



Short-term signals hit the first target on the same day or within 48 hours.


Mid-term signals take a few days to one week to hit its first target.

Parked Coins

These are the life changing investments Boomerang Capital Inc was founded on. These are the investments that turned millions into tens of millions, hundreds of thousands into millions and thousands into hundreds of thousands. 


ATH - All time high

BAGHOLDER - Someone holding an altcoin after a pump and dump crash

BEARISH - An expectation that price is going to decrease

BOLLINGER - A Margin around the price of crypto that helps indicate when a coin is overbought or oversold.

BULLISH - An expectation that price is going to increase

BUY WALL - Using a depth chart, analyst can see the current limit buy points.

FIAT - Government issued currency, such as USD or AUD.

FOMO - Fear of missing out

FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

FUDster - Someone spreading FUD

HODL - Someone was drunk typing one day. It caught on.

ICO - Initial coin offering

MARKET CAP - Total value held in a crypto-currency.

MACD - Moving average convergence divergence. A trend indicator

MOONING - Price going to astronomical levels.

OVERSOLD - The dip. Expected to rebound. Buy opportunity

PUMP & DUMP - Alt coin getting attention, fast price increase, then crash

ROI - Return on investment

SELL WALL - Using a depth chart, analyst can see the current limit sell points.

SHILLING - Someone advertising/public pumping another crypto-currency.

TA - Trend analysis or Technical analysis. Process of examining charts.

WHALE - Someone that owns absurd amounts of crypto-currency